F or you 
L ove means the world
O nly this one person
W ins your heart and soul
E qual to their look
R eal character is gold.

L iterally every letter
O verwhelms and – flows my heart
V IP has arrived
E ternity will make us survive.

H old on
A nd keep going
P erhaps everything seems suffering
P lease don’t give up
Y our are strong, king.

M any butetrflies woke up
I n my belly
N ever forget this 
D eep feeling
B lowing my mind
L ately taking my mind
O n another island / planet
W here words don’t need to be said
N or ever got told because the connection is intense.

L ets live
I ntensely 
F or all our life
E very minute, every second, from
T oday on
I s our time 
M ore important 
E qual if next to each other or on the way.

R elease
U s
S et us free
H ere.