just music / 음악만

with voice / 목소리랑

RUSH (Hold On While Letting Go)

I wanted to make a little project where I try to create melodies telling a story; so I'd like to call it CD: UNDERNEATH THE COVER

“INTROvers-I’ve” shall be a lack about an Introvert surely struggling.
To the outside everything’s fine, bright and shining but inside is the vulcano you barely keep hiding. And you feel lonely quite fast or quiet and fast.
So I liked to play with the word “introversive” itself and separated it into the passages “intro”, “vers(e)” and “I’ve”.

“SoFar” is about a deep longing, the feel that you’re missing something; as well as recognizing that you were actually missing this feeling. 
Like you are sitting on the sofa and feel like everything is so far…
You keep dreaming and never forget about hope.

“발끝으로 가까이 다가가다한테 기어 가” is about a secret wish, the base of life: love. I don’t wanna waste anything so I am waiting for my soulmate. There is this tension I feel which makes me believe in belief, so I hold on to hope.
It feels a bit like a K-drama but there will be a Happy Without End 🙂

“ONever let go” is a mix of stranding on an island and spending this eternity with the love of your life, so you make the best out of it and create your 4ever 2gether.
You keep holding on and are adding time nuances to combine them. So you never let go.

“Gorgeous Nights (Heat With You)” is like a smoothie and shall include some ingredients. 
The flavour or taste is like a constant in life that should never get missed.

“I (Finally) Feel Belief (Holy’s To Come)” is like an aftertaste. You were close to the abyss and really started to doubt everything; every single thing. Your whole life felt non-sense, like a black hole to fall into. 
And suddenly you feel like there’s a little spark inside but not like a huge fire that will burn everything. But the ice starts melting and one day you’ll roast marshmallows at a bonfire.

“배의 파도” arose when I thought of trust and its meanings to me. All the roots that accrue make up in accordance. Together it just feels different.
The begin shall symbolize something like the feeling of an overturning ship, leaving big waves behind. And you get out of these “underneath” because you feel again this trust you badly need.

“hARMon(e)y” is a kinda romantic song with a charming and lovely vibe.
I thought of my soulmate and this was the result. I felt like he was feeling the same. Because there are still people in my life who understood but I need THE ONE who understands.
This is why I added an “e” to the word “harmony” too; so you could read “honey”, a cute personal touch. Similarly I marked the word “arm” in “harmony” because the even included “harm” will be over.

“Keep Requesting” is about these question I felt inside for years. 
Since I am a really sensitive person I am used to keep things to myself. And I strive to get an answer one day so all the suffer and fears will make sense.

“Mystic Magic 좋아” has a kind of sad sound and a darker vibe.
Some things are really locked inside but we should try to see everything that comes up internally as a present.
So before I’d spend my time with dummy things, I’ll keep waiting and I believe this achy lonely time will be worth it and like magic.

“Be&came” is about the moment when you realize that a feeling sinks like a dagger. But it will save you one day when admit.

This song includes some voice lines.

“일방통해로” sounds a bit as there wouldn’t be an opportunity or chance to escape or get away (from) but maybe you should just get stuck in this emotion.
It can be so rare and beautiful I guess.
I think we should try to see things as chance somtimes.

“Gentleman, Ungentle Touch” arose in a weak moment. A lot of mixed feelings kept me awake at that time. That song actually sounds really unitary.

“Attack And Protect” is inspired by StrayKids’ music. It sounds a bit rough but it was actually how I was feeling at this time. 
Everything felt as a card house made of stones that was crashing in and I was in between. A different kind of rain.
But the feeling that I will be saved was still locked somewhere in my interior.

“Feel It Grow” is about the depth of a certain feeling. I could and still can feel the roots of the seeds the feel of love planted in me.
“Every good thing needs time.”

“OutRole(r)” is like the intro but an “Outro” 🙂
It shall show that even though you are torn, life goes on.
It ain’t a game to me, I may take it too serious sometimes and scare to feel “out” because this role is nothing to me.

These were actually some of my first tries