I don’t know why but this came to my mind when I thought of my favourite idol.
He seems to be so similar to me, bright to the outside but dark inside. With some little green fireflies lightning you the way to your own inner fireplace. But you’ve to find the path each day again. It ain’t too easy.
So I separated the word “Rockstar” into “ROCK” and into “Star”.
Because it is so hard to be a public person, even more when you are not too obvious and secure with others yourself.
I think that he feels sometimes like walls are craving in and that these walls are made of big rocks. These rocks are surrounding you each day like they are in the privacy of your home or they are your inner walls / home. It may be a mixed feeling. It gives you security, otherwise it contracts you… But stars seem to give hope from above.
I could imagine that this is even a possible definition or description of human rockstars. Or even an interpretation of interprets’ interior.




-> Here you can find the link to my poem: “RockStar” which I read out <-

I A.M.

“I A.M.” can be read as “I am” or as “1 A.M.”.
It was made in the AM and includes a lot of fine details. Many characters are shown as well as some unfamiliar patterns that came to my mind.
I AM a nightowl – I like the time of the night when you actually feel lonely but you’ve time to focus on your inner chaos and let pictures speak instead of you opening up in front of others. I would say my personality is quiet colourful even you wouldn’t think of that when you see me first. I seem pretty quiet and shy but I have many facets. I open up and be my “I AM” when I feel trust or even when it’s night because noises won’t interrupt or bother you, only silence gets loud.
I would say that “I A.M.” can be seen and can be seen as an expression of my perceptions and impressions. 
I often get told that I seem so calm but bright and always shining but inside of me the vulcano keeps floating. This is why I think “I A.M.” is a fitting title. At this time I am mostly myself and it shows the chaos as well as the colourful hope I still have somewhere inside. As I like to say “Your chaos is my order”, I do think too that it’s not only my spinning mind but also the mind of the one who’ll be by my side one day, my puzzle piece – my colOURs (call ours).

-> Here you can find some detail photos <-

Deep End

Deep ENd (Depend)

This creation is about a scary feeling you have inside. It is locked and you know it but it pops up sometimes.
So on the left side you can see two skeletons in love. Love is endless so they keep hugging and holding on. Love gets deep into the bones. In some phases you feel it in your veins but often it is saved in your bones. It is like growth.
On the right side is a couple drawn into the thick walls as a sign to get remembered.
Both “holes” shall demonstrate dens. So the name “Deep End” is about being DepENdent and falling; falling but also landing. I wanted to show this with the red thread which also goes upwards as a sign of up and downs and / or “in good times as in bad times”.
“Deep ENd” is about the mountains and the dales so the up and downs which lure you in. You actually feel dependent but not always in a bad way. And the way down is really deep as the way up too. But it just means that it is really intense like a dance – deep & dance. 🙂 So the belonging bond is really strong.

-> I made a song about it with the title “Falling High, Flying Down (Freefall)”, you can check it out here <-